Quay Music provides music education packages ranging from one-on-one teaching right through to full group delivery. We draw on our vast range of knowledge and education in order to provide you with a unique experience. For an indication of packages available for the following classes, please see our rates.

Contemporary Piano Tuition

Quay Music

Whether it is a one-off booking or regular piano sessions, Quay Music can target your development areas and deliver the results you are looking for. Our team are highly respected performers and teachers who can quickly refine your playing skills. For a free consultation, get in touch today!

 Music Theory Tuition

Phil has delivered music theory and analysis tuition from GCSE through to degree level. Phil has a proven track record of students achieving graded music theory exams, particularly ABRSM Grade 5 Theory and LCM Grade 8 Popular Music Theory. Theory of Music and its application is a real passion for Phil to deliver. Do you want to switch some more musical light bulbs on? Get in touch today!

Composition Support

Many GCSE and A level students struggle with the conventions and requirements of the composition elements of their qualification. Phil is skilled at tutoring students to fulfil their creative potential whilst ensuring they understand what it is they have created.

Staff CPD

Whether it is serious up-skilling or a fun day of team building, Quay Music offers tailored Continuing Professional Development packages to both music and non-music based institutions. Contact us to discuss how we can work with your staff and further develop their skills and motivation.

Master Classes and Guest Lectures

We offer a series of master classes and guest lectures to music colleges, further education colleges and universities. Whether it be practical or lecture based, Quay Music will draw on the teams extensive practice, experience and training to offer our own unique insight into the workings of music.

Phil’s innovative approach to curriculum design and commitment to provide high quality learning experiences for students are evident in everything he is involved in. His positive contribution and infectious enthusiasm would be a real asset to any project.

Jennie LawsonHead of Access, One Awards